Carpatica is a new player in a berry and mushroom business, established in 2015 by Austrian private equity group investing in Ukrainian agricultural projects. The company is located in Western Ukraine in the heart of the Carpathians mountains. The management team has over 10 years of work experience in the sector and is engaged in day to day business.

What sets us apart?

Guaranteed quality and reliable service. Berries are collected in the Carpathian mountains. Properly sorted and frozen in stationary freezing cameras at a temperature -32 °C. A strictly controlled collection and production processes ensure a full traceability.
We guarantee compliance with the approved specification.


Frozen berries

Carpatica manufactures BIO wild frozen blueberries, blackberries, and CONVENTIOANLS frozen raspberries of pure quality. Wild berries are collected in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, whereas raspberries are grown on private plantation in Western Ukraine. Frozen berries are packed in 25kg bags and run through a metal detector. The product has no additives such as artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives or water.

Whether you’re a manufacturer of pure and concentrates, jams or juices, look to the Carpatica as your trusted supplier.


Carpatica manufactures 1st and 2nd class of fresh and frozen white mushrooms (Boletus edulis) collected in the Carpathians mountains. Whole fresh mushrooms are offered in wooden boxes.

Frozen mushrooms are carefully trimmed, thoroughly cleaned, and sliced to your specifications before freezing.
Come in carton boxes pf 10-14 kg.


Carpatica collection and production of wild berries confirm to the EU organic norms.